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Laser Printer Purchase

Over the years, the cost of laser printers has gone down leading to an easy purchase now.  However there are key things that one should keep in mind while buying laser based printers ranging from features to cost of ownership etc.

Monochrome or colour?

The key and first criteria of buying the printers is to know what types of printing is required and what is the best suitable option. If the work demands only printing documents etc, then one would require a monochrome laser printer. However if one has to do colour printing on a regular basis, the colour laser printer is the best option.

Types of functions

The second foremost is the various function one would require to do ranging from making copies, scanning documents, fax facility etc then one should go for a multifunction laser printer that can perform all of these tasks. In addition, one could also look into other functions such as printing from USB sticks, scanning to USB sticks and using cloud based apps for printing as well as scanning. Moreover in an office environment the key type of connectivity you should look for is Ethernet, which will allow you to plug the printer in to your network router and share it among the workers in your office. Nowadays there are options of buying laser printers with touch screen option.


One should look for wireless connectivity option available in the laser printer, as this would enable to give mobile be aligned to the printer directly and print via an app. Thus it should support all kinds of devices be it Apple, Android or even Windows Phone.

Toner cost and TCO

While buying one should look at the cost attached to the replacement toner (for each colour), how many pages it can print and the cost of any other consumables that are allied with the printer. 

Processor and memory

Though it is not easy for the comparison of processors between laser printers, however the quoted speed canindicate the power the printer has to process jobs and run its inbuilt functions. In addition the capacity of memory is crucial, considering you will be printing from graphics and design applications and for which the printer has to store the printer information as it has to be converted.

Noise emissions and power consumption

It is not possible for one to determine the noise emission unless and until one gets to see the printer in action at quiet retailer, however it is although more important when one buys a big printer.

Moreover power consumption should also be considered and thus one should look at printer that has a deep sleep mode and is an energy star compliant.

Overall size and ease of installation

The size of the printer is dependent on where do you want to set up the printer is it office or home, however one could look at compact printer offering similar functionality. Last but not the least you might want to evaluate how easy is it to installation and maintenance.