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How To Bring Down Your Office Printing Overheads

Printing costs are reaching sky high and not being able to bring down the office printing overhead can be a nagging issue and have serious repercussions. It can affect our business in an adverse way and throw us at our wit’s ends more often than not. That is not all. This may lead to heightened costs, exceeded budgets, increased loss and a chaotic work atmosphere. It may also bring down the productivity level, cause constraints in the budget and point towards an inadequacy in the maintenance system. We therefore need to keep a track of the expenses or the losses that we incur and put in efforts to ensure there is optimal usage of the resources and zero wastage. Only then can we be successful in reducing the printing overhead and make the most of what we have with us.

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In order to curb the extra operating expense and unnecessary expenditure, we need to be a little more careful and begin from right where it starts. We need to take into account the smallest of things and the amount of toner, paper and additional hardware, and electricity and maintenance services that is consumed in the process. Some of the ways that can help us bring down office printing overheads has to include:

Printing on both sides of the printing sheet - Going paperless is not always a feasible option and printing on one side of the sheet only can tantamount to wastage of precious resources. So printing on both sides can reduce the amount of paper required by 50 %. This has a positive effect on our Mother Nature, too. Using adequate and efficient printing machines, high quality toners, etc. - It is imperative to use printing machines and toners that do not compromise on the quality or the quantity so that you do not have to do it either.

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Letting go of redundant devices - Using printing machines that need to be repaired or use up too much of resources should either be fixed or discarded. Redundant devices can maximise the costs by leaps and bounds and result in a lot of hassle.Using black ink - Making use of black ink instead of colour ink is a good idea as it cuts down the printing cost by as much as 30 %.Using discretion and giving managed print services a miss - Agreed, it might be more convenient and cost effective to pay a flat fee and take help from a managed print services provider.

But coming to thing about it, it can be even more cost effective if we can use our sense of discretion, follow the ‘waste not want not’ mantra and do it ourselves. That way we will know where our recourses are getting sucked into and also learn to use them sparingly.Printing when necessary - Last but not the least, we ought to do printing only when it is required and when there is no other option to replace it. In addition to that, we should practice recycling and encourage others to do the same.