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Must Know Differences between Laser Printers & Inkjet Printers!

Having a new printer at home or office just seems mandatory for many. Given the kind of printing needs we have today, it isn’t surprising either. The options available to the buyer are quite a few and most usually stick to an inkjet printer or a laser printer, whichever best suits their needs. But the question is, how many of us are fully aware of the differences that set them apart and make an informed purchase decision while buying a printer?

Read on to know more. Browse through and know what exactly makes the two types of printers poles apart. These are basic things about the devices and would hopefully go a long way in helping you get one that allows you to execute your tasks in the best possible way and satiate a host of printing requirements.

The Ink

The ink that the lot of Inkjet printers and laser printers use is not the same. Actually, laser printers do not use ink at all. They make use of toners (the combination of plastic and iron particles) and inkjet printers make do with ink cartridges.

The Printing Mechanism

As far as the inkjet printer is concerned and as mentioned earlier, they essentially use a cartridge. The printer head is made to move across the blank sheet of paper to replicate the image or the text, resulting in the spraying of the ink on the sheet in the form of dots. Parallelly, the toners of the laser printers have a vastly different method of working. Laser printers follow a different process with the help of electrically charged powder that is combined with the paper fibre to duplicate an image or text.

The After Math

While print outs from the inkjet printer need to be dried out and one has to be careful to not let water fall on it and make all the hard work go in vain, the ones of a laser printer say otherwise. This also implies the latter keeps smudging or blurring of the print at bay, thanks to a unique fusing process that it boasts of. Moreover, the printing is also resistant to water. So many consider laser printers to be a better bet and choose it when they wish to go for waterproof printing.

The Math Cost-Wise

Certain facts like the tendency to dry up when not in use and the need to buy cartridges again and again and make inkjet a tad more expensive in the long run. Laser printers on the other hand prove to be a onetime investment (which is seemingly expensive in the beginning) and are more economic if the math is done correct.

The Quality

There is a visible difference in the quality aspect as well. Laser printers score a little more over inkjet printers and are taken as the benchmark for professional printed letters so to say.