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Best Ricoh projectors in the Market

Selecting a projector specifically to your need can be tedious, since there are just so many options available in the market. However picking up the right projector can be easy and simple as long as you are clear about which category projector you meets your requirement.

This article will give you clarity on different types of Ricoh projectors and its usability. Then you can make your pick.

Basic and Entry Level projectors

Under this range of lightweight and compact projectors Ricoh brings PJ X2240, PJ S2240 and PJ WX2240 models. These models combines all the advanced functionality, reliability and value for money you expect. While small, these projectors pack a big punch with 3,000 lumens brightness and high contrast levels (10,000:1). It provides clear, vivid images and deeper blacks that will enhance any presentation like text and graphs. The in-built speaker on the PJ X2240 and PJ WX2240 models means that no external sound system.

Designed to be durable and simple to use, these versatile projectors are easily carried (2.6 kgs) for set up in any convenient location. The remote control makes operation easy and the wide choice of interface connections including HDMI for maximum flexibility which allows quality image projection including 3D content (optional 3D glasses required). Lamp life is 4,500 in standard mode and using the EcoMode feature lowers lamp brightness, reducing energy consumption and can extend lamp life by over 30% to 6,000 hours. Ricoh is a name you can trust and the robust design of these projectors ensures they provide low Total Cost of Ownership.

Pocket or Pico Projectors

Need a projector small enough to fit in your briefcase or purse? Pico projectors are pocket-sized projectors that are compact enough to hold in your hand but powerful enough for sharing images with a small group of people. Since they weigh less than 3 pounds, pico projectors are easy to take with you almost anywhere, which comes in handy for frequent travel and off-site meetings. You can also bring your projector to a friend's house for movie night or sports games, or set it up in the backyard to watch an outdoor movie with family and friends.

Ricoh PJ WXC1110 perfectly fits into this category as it is compact, light-weight and short throw projector. It is extremely portable and will fit into your hand. It has LED 20000 hours with WXGA resolution.  600 lumens and throw ratio of 0.8 gives excellent clarity. And the HDMI completes it with great connectivity options.

Short Throw Projectors

Generally, a throw ratio of less than 1:1 is considered short throw. Short throw projectors almost never have zoom lenses, and in many cases they use a mirror onto which the image is projected first, before being reflected at the screen. They are designed to be installed very close to the screen: 18 inches to 2 feet. It also prevents obstructions in the projection beam causing shadows on screen. Clever design has the fan exhaust at the front so that you can place the projector on a desk-edge without noise.

Ricoh launched PJ X4340 and PJ RX300 projectors in Short throw category.

These projectors are most often used in classrooms, and are ideal for pairing with digital whiteboards. Or for presentations in small meeting rooms for up to 30 viewers. Excellent image quality is assured thanks to the combination of 3000 lumens brilliance and up to 10:000:1 contrast ration when using imageCare mode, Yet this compact short throw projector has a footprint just larger than an A4 sheet of paper and weighs only 2.8kg, making it easy for you to carry wherever you need it. A range of connectivity options including an HDMI port, allows flexible connection of input devices. This means you can screen input from HD devices and 3D presentations from Blu-ray or DVD players, future-proofing your investment (optional 3D glasses required). For ease of use and convenience an output port to a monitor and an audio-out connection for linking to an external sound system, are also provided.

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

The ultra short throw devices can be placed just centimeters from a screen and still display vivid, eye-catching images up to 80 inches in size. Compact and lightweight, they convert the smallest spaces into ad hoc meeting rooms or information displays.

Now share information anytime, anywhere with RICOH PJ WX4141 series of ultra short throw projectors. These projectors produce image sizes of 48-80 inches from distances of 11.7-24.9 cm. The combination of bright 3300 lumens output and a high contrast ratio of 5000:1 ensures vivid displays even in well-lit environments. With integrated speakers and extensive connectivity options, the 3D-ready projectors are suitable for everything from business presentations to eye-catching multimedia entertainment. The lightweight design is perfect for mobile use. Weighing just 3 kg, the projector can easily be moved. Easy operation and a quick start of 3 seconds make it ideal for impromptu team meetings, as well as more formal presentations. It adds wired and wireless networking for Windows and Mac OS devices and a USB port for PC-free presentations. With support for DLNA and UPnP standards, it can also display material from smartphones and digital media servers. A Quick Projection utility lets you set up a direct connection between a wireless device and projector in three simple steps. It offers all the flexibility and versatility demanded by today’s agile businesses.